Fearless in Gulf

Fearless Fund team launches first research vessel in Gulf of Mexico for work with DOE ARPA-E to test marine algae for energy conversion.  #Sustainability #GulfofMexico #renewable #Innovation #DOE #Energy #science #algae 

Fearless Artists-in-Residence

Fearless Fund's Ariel Horowitz and Lauren Siess play violin and viola for Fearless Fund's work to restore waterways. Composer is Joel Friedman.  Fearless Fund President Alyson Myers and Fearless Fund Founder Fritzi Cohen thank everyone for being “Fearless.” 


Fearless Fund teaches art students to make paper from seaweed at The Latin American Youth Center in Washington, D.C. 


Boardwalk Art Show

Fearless Fund challenges visitors to the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art's (MOCA) Boardwalk Art Show to propose uses for seaweed to help clean waterways. Greg Vita, papermaker, is at Left. Sue Myers, abstract artist, is at Right. 

Fearless Fund and partners hold a conference for scientists and chefs in Seattle, WA to discuss the health of Washington state water’s impact on seafood.